Nombre: Retrofit

Marca: Rice Lake

Número de Parte: 154347

Modelo: RC3-50T

Mettler Toledo DigiTOL Retrofit Kit, 8 mount (RC3-50T) Truck.

1 JB8SP or 2 JB8SP signal trim junction boxes (8 and 10 mount kit) 3 EL304 signal trim boxes in 12 mount kits 8, 10 or 12 Flintec RC3 100ft of hostile environment EL147HE SURVIVOR® load cell cable Cups included Stainless steel hermetically sealed load cells Converts existing Mettler Toledo DigiTOL scale to an analog based load cell weighing system 8 or 10 load cells, cups plus junction box and home run cable Load cells are NTEP Certified 1:10,000 divisions, Class IIIL* Rocker design load cells Load cups


Kit de Retrofit de Digitol