Nombre: Indicador De Pesaje Programable

Marca: Rice Lake

Número de Parte: 67527

Modelo: 920i

920i® Programmable Weight Indicator and Controller ?The 920i USB shares the same hardware as the 920i USB interface card on Port 2 The USB card is supported on Rev L CPU boards or later The 920i for USB interface requires firmware version 5.0 or higher

Connector Types: Standard Type A: 920i connects to keyboard, printers* and flash drives Standard Type B: 920i connects to PC USB Interface Functions: Supports weigh mode and configuration mode functions Supports upload of databases and .920 configuration file Supports download of databases, .920 configuration file, iRite, COD file, and firmware file Sanity checks for command errors Flash Drives: Supports USB 2.0 Create sub directories by unit ID and database name Use the root directory for generic files Optional Washdown Connectors (see below) Sealed receptacle Connectors - cables USB cover - flash drive and receptacle        * ASCII font label and ticket printers